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New RO Series/Kore/Denim Smother Head Fucker/Veronica and More

Posted in Post Orgasm Cock Torture, Shooting News, Thumbed on October 1st, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

Kore Goddess and New Ruined Orgasm Series Idea

I shot a girl by the name of Kore Goddess about 8 months ago and her scene was really popular. She ruined her boyfriends orgasm twice by inserting her finger forcing half his ejaculation to just ooze out. After ruining the first one and several minutes of continued Post Orgasm Stroking, he ejaculated again and she quickly jumped to destroy it the same way and just continued to stroke.

I really wanted to shoot her again but since she lives so far away, I had her shoot a couple home videos for my site. I just posted the first one and was thrilled that it happened again- A double pop. The first pop she partially destroyed with her huge natural breasts and the second with her thumb.

I am thinking about shooting a series with more real life couples or if they are too far away or not comfortable with me shooting having them shoot their different ways to ruin an orgasm for my site. It woulds be so great to expand my library of different ways to ruin anĀ  orgasm. Any thought on this idea?

ruined orgasm

Denim Smother Head Fucker with Veronica Rayne

I almost forgot to mention I shot Veronica Rayne in a Tease and Denial Scene recently. I have had several requests for Post Orgasm Cock Torture Head Play and this one has it. For half the scene she teases and tortures the slave who is bound in saran wrap finally letting he cock free halfway through the scene to just stroking his cock as a skilled expert just fast and slow enough to keep him right on the edge of exploding. When she finally let him cum she let him cum a couple spurts then decided she needed to mess it up a bit and started slapping in. After she slapped it all out of him she started stroking again focusing on his sensitive head. There is only a minute or two of this so I promise you guys that requested this I will make sure to put a lot of post orgasm cock torture head play in the next one I shoot.

jeans smother

jeans smother

One quick question before I wrap this post up. Do you prefer the slave to be bound or free?

Cock Teasing is a Game

Posted in Abandoned, Headplay, Methods on July 13th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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———-Even though there has been a huge increase in the amount of “skilled” cock teasers producing clips, videos or answering phones I think this is true regardless if they are new to Tease and Denial or not.

There are *way* too many tease and denial scenes that simply rely on specific hand movements or clinical sounding talk from the female. They frequently will stroke real fast, real hard or they twist their wrist some special way while placing the thumb and forefinger of their other hand on the “golden spot” and call that cock teasing. Maybe in a very literal sense thats “cock teasing’ since the male is represented by his cock and its the only thing he has that does anything useful. But even my ruined orgasm methods are all pointless hand movements UNLESS they are preceded with some REAL HEADPLAY. How many times have you watched a Tease & Denial and the girl who is doing the teasing has a look on her face like she’s playing scrabble… with her GrandMother?

Cock Teasing is a psychological and emotional game and the harder you laugh at the man the better you are at it!

The game isn’t Scrabble either! Make a show of it! Get into his head, his thoughts, his emotions and only then does ruining his orgasm really live up to its name! Saying the right things and filling his head up with words designed to fuck up what he THINKS is going to happen or what he THINKS you are thinking is great but thats not even essential because body language and sensuality can relay all sorts of misleading messages that can be later used against him.

Fucking With His Head” was an insanely popular clip of mine that is a great example how a simple abandoned orgasm can be made many times more traumatic by fucking with BOTH his HEADS.

I’ll post a sample of that clip.

Daphine Rosen Ruins an Orgasm for TaylorsTeases

Posted in Methods, Post Orgasm Cock Torture, Thumbed on July 6th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I shot Daphine Rosen yesterday in a smothering tease and denial ruined orgasm handjob with more excellent post orgasm torture. She was amazing. After teasing the bound slave with her PERFECT ass and breasts begging for air she had him begging to cum then skillfully destroyed her first orgasm (palming and dictating) with a huge smile and continued stroking the slaves cock until he almost ripped through the tape. I will pictures and a samples soon.

Double Insertion Ruined Orgasm… Dutching an Orgasm

Posted in Dutching, Methods, Post Orgasm Cock Torture on June 26th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I recently shot Kore Goddess in a tease and denial with a two ruined orgasms and post orgasm cock torture. Fun Fun Fun what more can I ask for in a scene not only do I get to see her ruin one perfectly good orgasm I get to see her ruin the second with some excellent post orgasm cock torture.

I can never get enough post orgasm cock torture when I shoot these things. I like the guy to get to the point where he is going to pass out. That gives me an idea. Post Orgasm Cock Torture until the guy passes out. O God I have the perfect slave. I am going to try this. I have one guy I shoot who is not affected by Post Orgasm Torture it just does not bother him at all -in fact, he likes it. I hate it what is wrong with this guy??? There are few things more amusing than either doing or watching this.

ruined orgasms

Thumbing The Orgasm

Posted in Thumbed on June 22nd, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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She Ruins Another...A one-handed, thumb-wrestling like maneuver where you use your thumb to cover the hole of the urethra during or when you anticipate a forthcoming orgasm.

This method is the easiest and one of the most common because it can be applied from most standard jerking hand positions.

Its also easily applied when trying to surprise or “spring” a ruined orgasm on the male.

She Ruins Another...The goal of thumbing is to to block the flow of ejaculate but it is much more than that as is true with all ruined orgasms if executed properly.

There is a group that says blocking the flow of ejaculate completely can cause permanent internal damage to the *oh so sensitive* male organs.

Another faction insists there is no damage that could take place during a thumbing or any other method designed to block the ejaculate flow.

Wam T&D HandjobIn reality BOTH SIDES COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT BEHIND RUINED ORGASMS. Here’s a list of keywords to illustrate…


Three Minute Death GripIts all a cruel, but VERY funny, game and in the end the harder you laugh at him the better you are at it.