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5 Big Names Shot This Week-Give Me More!

Posted in Shooting News, Uncategorized on July 11th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I want to hear what models/mistresses you want to see perform a ruined orgasms or simply just appear in a Tease & Denial Handjob on Taylor’sTeases. Just comment on this post!

I have 5 Tease and Denial Handjob Scenes booked this Week

I would post the names of who I have booked but it seems that EVERY TIME I do that something happens so I will post them as I shoot. The first one is tomorrow. I am moving next month so figured I would go crazy this week and shoot a bunch of girls I have been dying to shoot for a while. If you guys have any suggestions for specific tease and denial and/or ruined orgasm scenes write to me asap or post here! I shoot all my own stuff ( unless of course I am in it- it is either shot on tripod or someone else shoots it for me) so I am always looking for ways to improve my content and make sure to shoot what people want to see.

Just to give you guys a hint. All the girls I am shooting this week have really big names. They are girls I have been wanting to shoot forever and have had no luck booking them. Somehow I got lucky this week and every single one was available.

Daphine Rosen Ruins an Orgasm for TaylorsTeases

Posted in Methods, Post Orgasm Cock Torture, Thumbed on July 6th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I shot Daphine Rosen yesterday in a smothering tease and denial ruined orgasm handjob with more excellent post orgasm torture. She was amazing. After teasing the bound slave with her PERFECT ass and breasts begging for air she had him begging to cum then skillfully destroyed her first orgasm (palming and dictating) with a huge smile and continued stroking the slaves cock until he almost ripped through the tape. I will pictures and a samples soon.

Double Insertion Ruined Orgasm… Dutching an Orgasm

Posted in Dutching, Methods, Post Orgasm Cock Torture on June 26th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I recently shot Kore Goddess in a tease and denial with a two ruined orgasms and post orgasm cock torture. Fun Fun Fun what more can I ask for in a scene not only do I get to see her ruin one perfectly good orgasm I get to see her ruin the second with some excellent post orgasm cock torture.

I can never get enough post orgasm cock torture when I shoot these things. I like the guy to get to the point where he is going to pass out. That gives me an idea. Post Orgasm Cock Torture until the guy passes out. O God I have the perfect slave. I am going to try this. I have one guy I shoot who is not affected by Post Orgasm Torture it just does not bother him at all -in fact, he likes it. I hate it what is wrong with this guy??? There are few things more amusing than either doing or watching this.

ruined orgasms

Palming The Orgasm

Posted in Palmed on June 24th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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Taylor Palming This is an alternative to thumbing or dictating for really big cocks where a thumb or forefinger will not suffice in blocking the span of the hole sufficiently so the palm of the hand is used with the other hand usually used to subdue the overly large member.

Palming Sinnamon Of course it can be used with pretty much any size cock but really the move is born out of necessity with the large member and with the smallish one it becomes simply a personal style.

Jazz Palm A second reason palming can be effective in playing with the head of a victim it can hide the head of the cock from view so he can’t see what’s happening to him. If he’s been properly prepared before hand he’s probably uber-sensitive and can’t correctly discern what is going on. This may be a good opportunity to “pretend” you are putting a piece of proken glass, a burning ember or a dollop of IcyHot in your palm and make sure he sees it a split second before you slam your hand down on the head.

Thumbing The Orgasm

Posted in Thumbed on June 22nd, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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She Ruins Another...A one-handed, thumb-wrestling like maneuver where you use your thumb to cover the hole of the urethra during or when you anticipate a forthcoming orgasm.

This method is the easiest and one of the most common because it can be applied from most standard jerking hand positions.

Its also easily applied when trying to surprise or “spring” a ruined orgasm on the male.

She Ruins Another...The goal of thumbing is to to block the flow of ejaculate but it is much more than that as is true with all ruined orgasms if executed properly.

There is a group that says blocking the flow of ejaculate completely can cause permanent internal damage to the *oh so sensitive* male organs.

Another faction insists there is no damage that could take place during a thumbing or any other method designed to block the ejaculate flow.

Wam T&D HandjobIn reality BOTH SIDES COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT BEHIND RUINED ORGASMS. Here’s a list of keywords to illustrate…


Three Minute Death GripIts all a cruel, but VERY funny, game and in the end the harder you laugh at him the better you are at it.