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Smothering/Facesitting in Tease and Denial Screencaps

Posted in Abandoned, Headplay, Orgasm Denial Video on September 25th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

Due to requests I have been adding more smothering and face sitting to the tease and denial, ruined orgasm and orgasm denial scenes I shoot. Here are some screencaps.

orgasm denial
cock controlcock controlcocktease
assworshipcock controlbrunette cocktease

Cock Teasing is a Game

Posted in Abandoned, Headplay, Methods on July 13th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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———-Even though there has been a huge increase in the amount of “skilled” cock teasers producing clips, videos or answering phones I think this is true regardless if they are new to Tease and Denial or not.

There are *way* too many tease and denial scenes that simply rely on specific hand movements or clinical sounding talk from the female. They frequently will stroke real fast, real hard or they twist their wrist some special way while placing the thumb and forefinger of their other hand on the “golden spot” and call that cock teasing. Maybe in a very literal sense thats “cock teasing’ since the male is represented by his cock and its the only thing he has that does anything useful. But even my ruined orgasm methods are all pointless hand movements UNLESS they are preceded with some REAL HEADPLAY. How many times have you watched a Tease & Denial and the girl who is doing the teasing has a look on her face like she’s playing scrabble… with her GrandMother?

Cock Teasing is a psychological and emotional game and the harder you laugh at the man the better you are at it!

The game isn’t Scrabble either! Make a show of it! Get into his head, his thoughts, his emotions and only then does ruining his orgasm really live up to its name! Saying the right things and filling his head up with words designed to fuck up what he THINKS is going to happen or what he THINKS you are thinking is great but thats not even essential because body language and sensuality can relay all sorts of misleading messages that can be later used against him.

Fucking With His Head” was an insanely popular clip of mine that is a great example how a simple abandoned orgasm can be made many times more traumatic by fucking with BOTH his HEADS.

I’ll post a sample of that clip.

Abandonded Orgasm

Posted in Abandoned, Uncategorized on June 22nd, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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This method is also known as a “Hands-Free” or a “No Touch Orgasm”. This was the sole commonly known method ruining an orgasm for many, many years in the Tease & Denial community. It was a method that would finally end the denial but do so in an very unsatisfying manner.

Abandoned Ruining a male’s orgasm after extended periods of denial can be much more psychologically damaging as it inflates the hopes and causes the feeling of extreme elation until suddenly all is lost and the clock is reset so to speak. This happens without the hugely memorable “monster” orgasm that is to be expected from sustained denial.

Ruined Some men begin to enjoy the teasing aspect of the denial period and take it in stride as they emotionally build upon that hope of the future release of all that pressure. Turning the tables on him can put control back 100% in her hands.

Abandoned To perform an abandoned orgasm one lets go of the cock and halts all stimulation right at the moment of orgasm or a few beats before but at a point where there is no return and lets the cock just spasm, jerk and bob its way through an extremely unsatisfying orgasm.