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Orgasm Denial/Ruined Orgasm News

Posted in Orgasm Denial Video on October 4th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I have a lot of stuff going on right now and am having a serious problem coming up with a name for this new series. I talked about it briefly before where I have girls send me short videos of them ruining either their boyfriends, husband or slaves orgasm. These are quick clips and I had my first two sent to me from Kore Goddess. I can usually come up with good names for different clip/video series I shoot but for some reason cant come up with anything for this one. Any suggestions?

Also, in a previous post I asked if you guys prefer tease and denial hand job scenes with all POV where the girl is talking to the camera or a scene where the girl does not even acknowledge the camera. I like to mix the scenes I shoot up but was curious if there was a preference.

I will be posting my next audio clip very soon.

double pop


The second of my new series

In this series, dominant women send me videos of themselves ruining their boyfriends, slaves, or husbands orgasms. Kore Goddess destroys her mans orgasm, not once but twice and sticks her finger down the hole of his cock several times throughout this scene. After he came for the second time she just kept stroking away as usual.

Smothering/Facesitting in Tease and Denial Screencaps

Posted in Abandoned, Headplay, Orgasm Denial Video on September 25th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

Due to requests I have been adding more smothering and face sitting to the tease and denial, ruined orgasm and orgasm denial scenes I shoot. Here are some screencaps.

orgasm denial
cock controlcock controlcocktease
assworshipcock controlbrunette cocktease

Cherry’s Chastity Tease and Shooting Style Question

Posted in Chastity, Cock Control Audio, Orgasm Denial Video, Palmed, Shooting News, Thumbed, Uncategorized on September 22nd, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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Cherry’s Chastity Tease


This was an hour long scene I had cut down to a short chastity tease. It was supposed to be  a tease and denial handjob but Cherry was so amused by the chastity device and seeing how bad she could torture the slave by making him want her to touch his cock she just left it on until the last minute where she teased and denied it to orgasm then slapped the cum out of him. ( if you like spit she spits a lot in this video) I shot this clip a little different than many of my recent clips where it is mainly POV. In the POV videos the girl is talking to the viewer rather than the slave.

What do you guys prefer???? The POV style where the girl is talking to the viewer and the slave is merely a prop  or with more interaction between the slave and Mistress and the viewer is a voyer. Now don’t get me wrong a guy is always just a prop in my videos but just curious what you guys would prefer to see! I like to mix the two up generally but am thinking of shooting them mainly POV from now on  depending on the feedback I get.

I will post a sample video soon.






Ruby’s First Orgasm Denial Cock Tease

Posted in Foriegn Dictating, Headplay, Orgasm Denial Video on September 2nd, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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Here’s a clip from “Cum Torture Tease and Denial

Ruby keeps her slave under constant control and on the very edge throughout the entire scene. She teases him stroking his cock with a condom on until she finally gives him permission to cum. At that time she continues to stroke his sensitive cock.

Ruby td