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More Orgasm Denial Audio

Posted in Cock Control Audio on December 8th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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Here’s another installment of my orgasm denial audio series plus a gallery for you to look at while you listen to me telling you how to stroke.



Orgasm Denial Audio Denied!

Posted in Cock Control Audio on December 3rd, 2008 by Mistress Taylor
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I have had a fucking horrible several months.   In the last three moths I have moved twice plus have been in court suing one landlord and I am filing the papers currently to sue the one that came after that jackass.

I will soon be getting back up to speed on my Orgasm Denial Audio series I’ve been teasing about but today I’m just leaving you with what is essentially part 2 of the last orgasm denial/cock control audio file I posted.

Here’s a hilarious and quite old photo for you to look at while you listen…

Grrrr!  How gay do I look?

Orgasm Denial/Ruined Orgasm News

Posted in Orgasm Denial Video on October 4th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

I have a lot of stuff going on right now and am having a serious problem coming up with a name for this new series. I talked about it briefly before where I have girls send me short videos of them ruining either their boyfriends, husband or slaves orgasm. These are quick clips and I had my first two sent to me from Kore Goddess. I can usually come up with good names for different clip/video series I shoot but for some reason cant come up with anything for this one. Any suggestions?

Also, in a previous post I asked if you guys prefer tease and denial hand job scenes with all POV where the girl is talking to the camera or a scene where the girl does not even acknowledge the camera. I like to mix the scenes I shoot up but was curious if there was a preference.

I will be posting my next audio clip very soon.

double pop


The second of my new series

In this series, dominant women send me videos of themselves ruining their boyfriends, slaves, or husbands orgasms. Kore Goddess destroys her mans orgasm, not once but twice and sticks her finger down the hole of his cock several times throughout this scene. After he came for the second time she just kept stroking away as usual.

New RO Series/Kore/Denim Smother Head Fucker/Veronica and More

Posted in Post Orgasm Cock Torture, Shooting News, Thumbed on October 1st, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

Kore Goddess and New Ruined Orgasm Series Idea

I shot a girl by the name of Kore Goddess about 8 months ago and her scene was really popular. She ruined her boyfriends orgasm twice by inserting her finger forcing half his ejaculation to just ooze out. After ruining the first one and several minutes of continued Post Orgasm Stroking, he ejaculated again and she quickly jumped to destroy it the same way and just continued to stroke.

I really wanted to shoot her again but since she lives so far away, I had her shoot a couple home videos for my site. I just posted the first one and was thrilled that it happened again- A double pop. The first pop she partially destroyed with her huge natural breasts and the second with her thumb.

I am thinking about shooting a series with more real life couples or if they are too far away or not comfortable with me shooting having them shoot their different ways to ruin an orgasm for my site. It woulds be so great to expand my library of different ways to ruin an  orgasm. Any thought on this idea?

ruined orgasm

Denim Smother Head Fucker with Veronica Rayne

I almost forgot to mention I shot Veronica Rayne in a Tease and Denial Scene recently. I have had several requests for Post Orgasm Cock Torture Head Play and this one has it. For half the scene she teases and tortures the slave who is bound in saran wrap finally letting he cock free halfway through the scene to just stroking his cock as a skilled expert just fast and slow enough to keep him right on the edge of exploding. When she finally let him cum she let him cum a couple spurts then decided she needed to mess it up a bit and started slapping in. After she slapped it all out of him she started stroking again focusing on his sensitive head. There is only a minute or two of this so I promise you guys that requested this I will make sure to put a lot of post orgasm cock torture head play in the next one I shoot.

jeans smother

jeans smother

One quick question before I wrap this post up. Do you prefer the slave to be bound or free?

Smothering/Facesitting in Tease and Denial Screencaps

Posted in Abandoned, Headplay, Orgasm Denial Video on September 25th, 2008 by Mistress Taylor

Due to requests I have been adding more smothering and face sitting to the tease and denial, ruined orgasm and orgasm denial scenes I shoot. Here are some screencaps.

orgasm denial
cock controlcock controlcocktease
assworshipcock controlbrunette cocktease